Last day to buy early-bird tickets for TC Sessions: AR/VR 2018

Holy smokes, TC Sessions: AR/VR 2018 is less than a month away, and it’s going to be an epic, day-long event. But listen up tech fans, the following reality is neither augmented nor virtual: our $99 early-bird ticket price — a 50 percent savings — ends today. If you want to join us in Los Angeles on October 18 at the lowest possible price, buy your ticket here today.

We’re also offering a special discount to students. You can buy your $45 ticket right here.

Looking to save even more money? Simply tweet your attendance through our ticketing platform, and you’ll save an extra 25 percent — for early-bird tickets — and 15 percent for student tickets.

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What can you expect at TC Sessions: AR/VR 2018? An excellent question! We partnered with UCLA’s Anderson Venture Accelerator for a program-packed day featuring some of the world’s brightest minds in AR/VR. You’ll have ample opportunity for hands-on demos, deep-dive conversations, in-depth workshops — and time to network with influential, ground-breaking leaders in all realities augmented and virtual.

Here’s just a quick sampling of our speakers: Parham Aarabi, founder and CEO of ModiFace; Adam Arrigo, co-founder and CEO of TheWaveVR; and Cyan Banister, a partner at Founders Fund.

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We have great presentations on tap, too. Hear Ashley Crowder (VNTANA), Shawn Frayne (Looking Glass Factory) and Brett Jones (Lightform) talk about using holograms to replace expensive headsets.

AR and VR — it’s not all fun and games. Derek Belch (STRIVR), Clorama Dorvilias (DebiasVR) and Morgan Mercer (Vantage Point) will talk about ways business can use the technologies to train employees.

Greg Castle (Anorak Ventures) and Peter Rojas (Betaworks) will discuss how early-stage investors have changed their approach to funding new talent and suggest ways founders can grab their attention.

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That’s just a taste of what industry leaders, content creators and game changers will present. Take a gander at the full agenda.

Join us October 18 in Los Angeles at TechCrunch Sessions: AR/VR for an incredible gathering of the augmented and virtual reality community. Our early-bird pricing ends today, so get real and buy your ticket today.

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