Winter is Coming!- Tuesday/Thursday Forest Dreamers

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After over a week away due to Thanksgiving and snow, we gathered back in the Glen amazed at the differences in the forest! Quickly, we gathered our snack, sang our Good Morning Song (after changing some of the lines) and set off for the days adventure!

We looked around and noticed that the leaves had ALL fallen in the forest. This started us talking about what we think animals are doing to get ready for the winter.  Wanting to help our forest friends, we took some bird seed to fill up the feeders in the blind by the meadow. We have noticed that some of our birds from the fall have moved on to warmer weather.

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Today we set off for the Native American site. This is always a popular destination for this group as they go, pretend, and play games together there. Some of the favorite activities include tossing sticks through the hoops, defending their “homes” (or gold this week), balancing on logs, rolling and hopping on the stumps by the fire rings, and just being kids!

The Marshy Mansion…this is where everyone wanted to go today! The ground was frozen/cold so we figured it might not be so “marshy”. We were right! After being there a short time, we decided with winter coming, we needed to change the name to “Icy Mansion”! The children were so excited to find a thin sheet of ice covering the water in the grove.

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The challenge for us was keeping the kids out of the water! After the ice close to the trail was harvested, our young friends started venturing out further and further into the water. Ice was brought to land: chopped, eaten, examined, and finally shattered! This was a great find and everyone was sad when our time was over!

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