SoundCloud Offers a Discount for Students

SoundCloud has launched SoundCloud Go+ for Students. This is the standard SoundCloud Go+ offering, but with a 50 percent discount applied just for students. With so many streaming music services to choose from, this is SoundCloud trying to entice subscribers while they’re young.

Introducing SoundCloud Go+ for Students

SoundCloud Go+ is SoundCloud’s premium offering. It offers subscribers hundreds of millions of tracks from both new and established artists. SoundCloud Go+ also removes the ads, offers high-quality audio, and adds the option to download music for offline listening.

Now, as announced on The SoundCloud Blog, SoundCloud is offering a discount to eligible students. Being eligible means attending a “state-accredited, post-secondary educational institution located in [the] USA, Canada, [the] UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Australia, [and] New Zealand”.

SoundCloud will verify your claim to be a student using SheerID. Once approved, you’ll be awarded the discount for 12 months. After which you will have to verify your student status again for another 12 months. You can do this a maximum of four times.

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In the United States, this 50 percent discount drops the price from $9.99/month to $4.99/month. However, SoundCloud offers localized pricing, so be sure to visit this link to see both the regular and discounted price of SoundCloud Go+ in your country.

Choosing the Best Music Streaming Service

Student discounts make a lot of sense. With so many music streaming services to choose from, the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, and the rest are all fighting to grab subscribers while they’re young. Because, like banks, once they’ve got you, you’re unlikely to switch.

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SoundCloud is quite late to the party on this one, as most of the major music streaming services already offer discounts for students. However, this parity in pricing and discounts makes it easier to choose the best streaming service for you, as you can focus entirely on features.

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