Who will it be?!

As some have already noticed we are very close to a very big milestone! We are about 2,000 classification away from reaching 1 MILLION on Notes from Nature 2.0. Yes, we have reached 1 million before, but we are even more thrilled this time around.

There is so much great activity on Notes from Nature and we continue to plan for an exciting future. We have 20+ expeditions with a wide variety of content at the site right now. There are a number of school projects going on as well as specific research question being addressed. On top of all that we engage with potential new collaborators on a daily basis!

Latest news:  Spring Weather 2019 – Outdoor Hour Challenge

With all that said, the question on our minds right now is who will make the 1 million classification? Please consider spending a few extra minutes on the site the next few days to help us celebrate all of the wonderful effort.  And maybe you will be the one to take that 1 millionth classification!

— The Notes from Nature Team

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